Using For Review

Everyone knows that is a great tech tool for assessment at the end of class.  You can input a variety of questions – multiple choice, short answer, fill in the blank, true/false – and student answers are graded and given back immediately, closing the all-important feedback loop.

This week, I tried using as a review tool to help students self monitor how they would do on an end of quarter assessment.  Here’s what I did.

  1. First, I figured out what topics would be on the benchmark test.  I divided them into small enough topics that each “review quiz” would only be 5 questions (to get easy to use percentages and achievement levels for tracking).
  2. Second, I created a practice and tracking document.  Each page had a separate review topic and practice questions to complete before getting permission to take the “review quiz” on  I also included a place for students to track their data on each quiz.IMG_2665
  3. Then, I created the quizzes.  This part seemed daunting at first because I had about 10 topics for both grades I teach.  But I realized I could use the “Item Bank” feature to easily choose questions that I had already used for previous exit tickets months ago.  Sure, I added in some of my own just for variety, but what I thought would take hours actually only took 10-15 minutes.  Screenshot 2015-12-11 at 7.11.49 AM
  4. Execution Time!  In class, I explained to the kids that the benchmark would cover the topics in their packet.  I set expectations for completing practice using their partners and notes, checking in with me for an okay to get on the computer, and then completing and tracking their exit ticket.  IMG_2666


  • Students felt total ownership over their review.  They could work how they felt comfortable, and at their own pace.
  • Students were getting CONSTANT feedback – either from me or from the computer.
  • I was able to address and reteach any misunderstandings as students were working.
  • De-mystifying the testing process and giving kids confidence through practice in multiple modes.


  • The website was down and not working for one of the days we were doing the review, which was frustrating for both kids and myself.  We modified by completing the practice the first day and then completing the exit tickets the second day.  Still, always annoying when technology gaps foil your plans!

Overall, I would definitely do this again.  I might even include something like this during regular lessons to have students check in with me after their practice to get permission to take their exit ticket.  It would be a powerful tool in increasing investment and feedback for students on the daily.


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